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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


1.  What is ‘Declared Value for Customs?

Declared Value for Customs is the value of parcel content in USD. It is recommended that the declared value shall not be more than USD 80 to avoid imposition of customs tax. System will randomly declare USD50-80 for each tracking number, unless customer requested to declare a certain value. (Usually it happens for high value product or in conjunction with Shipment insurance)


2. Is customs tax included in the air freight charges?

Unfortunately, no. Kindly check with customer service for the tax inclusive package or refer to our price table.


3. What if there is imposition of customs tax?

In this case, the relevant officers will contact the recipient regarding the amount of customs tax. Upon agreement, the officers will proceed with the delivery, and the recipient shall then make the tax payment upon receiving the parcel.


4. Is there any compensation if my parcel has gone missing?

The amount of compensation for loss of parcel will be according to the declared value. However, the maximum amount of compensation shall not exceed USD 80. For detailed info kindly refer to "Loss of Item/ Parcel Compensation"  http://en.lf-worldwide.com/help-99.html


5. What time should I make the payment for delivery on the same day?

For all orders that received payment, delivery will be on the next *working day. (*Working days in China)


6. When can I pay for the postage?

Customers have to top up to their LF accounts in order to make payment for the orders.


7. What payment methods are offered?

Currently we have Maybank and Public Bank accounts. Payment can be done via online transfer or the cash deposit machine. Kindly retain a print screen image or a photograph of the receipt as a proof of your payment.


8. How long does it take to receive my parcel?

We strive to deliver your order to you within 3-5 working days, from the day parcel being dispatched from our China warehouse. However, there may be some minor delay due to unforeseen circumstances which is out of our control. You may always track your orders on the courier services official website.


9. Is my parcel considered as sensitive item?

For sensitive goods, you may refer to http://en.lf-worldwide.com/help-87.html . Sensitive goods is not limited to this few category as stated in website, kindly contact our online customer service in advance if you have any questions about goods category. 


10. What are the prohibited items which cannot be shipped?

Prohibited goods include, pharmaceutical products, powder, weapons or weapons alike, explosives, corrosive products, bank notes, etc.


11. May I know the weight of my order before packing to consider adding more items into my order?

Unfortunately due to the high volume of daily parcels and orders to be processed, we only provide the total weight for orders.

Kindly be cautious and recheck all the mandatory info before submitting orders.


12. Where do I track the shipment status?

China:   http://com1express.net/home.html


                : http://www.skynet.com.my/index.htm

                : http://www.abxexpress.com.my/



13. How do you calculate the postage if my parcel weighs 3KG but there is only 0.2KG of sensitive items in it?

In this case, sensitive charge applies for the whole order, which means 3KG.


14. How should I place my order if the sensitive item is only minority in my order?

It is recommended to place your order together if total weight is below 10kg.


15. Can I choose the normal air freight if my parcel contains sensitive items?

It is highly discouraged to take the risk. Once the sensitive parcel has been found out by the customs officer, the recipient shall bear all the fine imposed and still may not get the parcel back.


16. What is the calculation formula for volumetric weight?

From the packaging: Length (cm) X Width (cm) X Height (cm) / 6000 = Volumetric Weight (KG)


17. Can I buy expensive IT gadgets from China?

After the IT gadget has been shipped out of China, the local warranty is null and void. Furthermore, expensive items are more likely to be imposed by customs tax. Thus it is highly not recommended to do so. Kindly check with customer service on how to purchase shipment insurance and tax inclusive package to enhance the shipment. (Handphone and tablet is not accepted)


18. What if I insist to ship expensive IT gadgets from China?

It is recommended to ship only the particular IT gadget in one single order, to minimize the risk of loss of parcel. 


19. How do I convert my remaining credits into cash?
To transfer out account balance, simply contact our online customer service & request to have cash sent to your bank account.

Please be noted minimum withdrawal amount shall not be lesser than RM30, processing fee of 10% applies and the time frame for refund is around 5-7 working days.

20. Is there any compensation for damage to the goods?We will not make any compensate for the damage of the goods, and all customers have to bear the responsibility.

We will not make any compensate for the damage of the goods, and all customers have to bear the responsibility.

21.  Perishable food product can send aboard?
Food such as instant noodles, snacks, etc. can be shipped. However, if the goods are perished / rot during the delivery, there is no compensation.
It is recommended to check with our customer service before purchasing any food product to avoid any unnecessary issues.

22.  Any Compensation if my goods damage by rats?
There is no compensation if your goods are damaged by rats, therefore we suggest to send out the parcel immediately once goods arrived warehouse.



23. Requests after packing has been done by warehouse?

To combine orders: RM5 per order added.

To add on parcels: RM5

To repack: RM5

To change recipient details: RM5

Transfer to other address: RM5 + courier fee.



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