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Sensitive Items

Sensitive Goods:

Below are some sensitive goods reference, kindly provide item link to enquire further when you're in doubt.

- Cosmetics

- Foods

- Sexual Goods

- Designer Brands

- Cell Phones (Not accepting order for the moment)

- Tablets (Not accepting order for the moment)


- Batteries (eg: LED light/Watch/Powerbank/Calculator)

- Electrical Appliances (eg: Hairdryers/Juicer/Vacuum Cleaner/Ventilator) 

- Fluids (eg: Skincare/Glue)

- Powder (eg: Glitters)

- Pirated Goods (eg: LV/Gucci/Adidas/Nike/Hello Kitty)

- Gel (eg: Mascara/Fat Burning Cream )


Prohibited Goods:

- Drugs

- Flammable/Explosives

- Perishable goods

- Sharp objects

- Weapons

- Cash

- Plants

- Animals


According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) dangerous goods regulations:

1. IATA strictly prohibits the air freight shipping of: live objects, flammable/explosives, perishable goods, weapon, etc.

2. For false parcel content declarations, customers shall bear all the penalty and consequences where applicable.

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