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How to place Order

Placing your order on LF WORLDWIDE  is so easy!
[Gentle Reminder: If you wish to separate normal order and sensitive order, kindly submit your orders separately]
Step 1, click [Orders] on the top bar. 

Step 2, click [Place Orders] or [Place Multiple Orders]

 Step 3, fill in your china parcel details and then click [Add to Cart]


After done adding all the parcels, fill in [Malaysia Recipient Details].


Lastly, choose your [Order Preferences] and click [Submit].
After all the China parcels in your order has reached our warehouse, your order wil be processed automatically.

Repacking Guide
Yes —— To remove unnecessary packaging from China seller (eg: boxes) to minimize the shipping fees, however warehouse is not responsible for damage/loss of item. 
No —— To remain original packaging from China seller, be warned that the parcel might go according to volumetric weight. 


Gentle reminder: When filling in warehouse address, telephone number, postal code on Taobao website, do not fill in handphone number. When filling in telephone number, the district number is 0755, phone number is 27395606; do not leave any spacing when filling in postal code, or else there will be an error. 

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